About Us

Our Operations Board is all volunteer.

Jessie LaChance-Mellan

Chief Executive Officer

Jessie grew up in a family of first responders, from her grandfather who was a fire chief, to her parents who served in the military. She was a paramedic prior to being severely injured in a 2005 car accident that ended her career as a paramedic. She was physically broken from her chest to her toes, with over 30 breaks. Her friends and colleagues rallied around her family to make sure they had what they needed during this time.


Peter Bigner

Chief Operations Officer

Peter has been in fugitive recovery since 2010, and works closely with other bail agents and law enforcement agencies across California and the U.S. His passions are helping others, whether it would be to help find a lost loved one or someone in need, and being a mentor. His love runs deep for law enforcement, and to be able to help our brothers, sisters, and K9s is extremely important to him.


Madonna Zoellner

Advocacy Director, East Coast

Madonna has been married to her high school sweetheart for 40 years. Her Uncle was a Police Officer and today her son-in-law is a K9 Officer. Her family has been friends with multiple firefighters since high school and have a deep affection for their sacrifices as well. Her biggest passion is her love for animals, with dogs her favorite of all.


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